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!You entered a world of experiences and fun

We are sorry that we do not maintain this website in your language, but you should know that you have reached the B.Oz  Extreme Sports Portal, a place that brings together all the extreme activities in the air, sea and land

?Why B.Oz

Because our whole essence is to allow you to disconnect from your daily routine for a moment, and to try experiences you have never experienced before. We want to provide you with a service you never got anywhere in the past

:Here you can find

Skydiving -


Pilot for one day -

Race extreme driving -

Wave surfing -

Yacht sailing -

ATV tours -

Paintball and Laser battles -

Climbing Wall -

Diving -

Horse tours -

Bicycle tours -

Segway -

Hot Air Balloon -

Skiing -

Fun days for organizations

.B.Oz was founded in 2009 by Hagit Oz (Wikipedia), Israel's champion and third in the world in the Kite Surfing industry, and is the only extranet portal that has received public trust tag

!Behind B.Oz there is a team of lovers of air, sea and land. All attentive to your needs. We believe that this is the only way that connects an experience to a person

Contact us by phone or by WhatsApp: 050-6300850


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